Fourth Quarter Reset

By Deidre Henry

Business manifestation guide and goal setting workbook. If you start today, imagine what can happen in just a few days?

I did this reset on 12/28/2022 and started booking speaking engagements as early as 1/11/2023. Change your pov and change your life.

Powerful Grounding Centering Guided Meditation

By Abigail Teixeira

Unlock your inner power and connect with yourself through Abby Teixeira’s transformative Guided Meditation.This powerful practice takes you from ordinary awareness to extraordinary presence, helping you tap into your wisdom, creativity, and genius.

By doing this practice, activate your inner power and set the stage for your personal and collective destiny to unfold. Embrace this opportunity to be fully present, amplify your strengths, and connect with a deeper, wider center.

Say ‘Yes’ to a journey of self-discovery, connection, and empowerment.


Online course: How to get the news media to feature YOU!

By Keka DasGupta

I created this Media Relations Training course to teach thought-leaders how to get themselves featured in the news.

I partnered with a non-profit organization, CERIC, to offer this to career development professionals and coaches, and even if your expertise is in a different line of work, I know you’ll find this content to be very valuable in building your credibility via news coverage.

You’ll also be able to download actual email pitches that experts have sent to media, resulting in them getting interviewed for news stories!

Grow your speaking career

Unleash the Power of Your Story: Your Journey to Authentic Branding

By Cristina Yun

Writing about yourself with a clear intention isn’t easy.

In this workbook, you will find questions and prompts that will guide you to write stories that reflect who you are in your Brand. Your stories will reveal parts of you that will help your ideal client get to know you, like & relate with you, trust you and want to join your mission.

These questions will help you, help them understand the essence of who you are, what you stand for and WHY they should work with you.

For business owners looking to improve their business revenue and grow their online presence but don’t know where to start, get a 90-min power session with Cristina!

The Leadership Self-Assessment

By Jessica Rivera

Sign up to this free quiz where you’ll identify if you’re ready to become an effective Coach/Leader.


Momentum Builder

By Rina Rovinelli

This Momentum Building trio includes our Storytelling Journal to begin crafting your story, our Booked & Paid Roadmap and a free Momentum class where you can get clarity on your brand and get inspired along your journey!

Grow your speaking career

Grow Your Speaking Career

By Cheryl Sutherland

Building a speaking career isn’t for the faint of heart, and you want to be clear about who you are before you start pitching your services. There are only so many hours in a day, so let’s be mindful. To be as efficient as you can, delegate the things you don’t have to do, build out systems to streamline your workflow, and make things as easy as you can for potential clients to book you.

With these journaling prompts, tech tips, and guided meditations, you’ll supercharge your successful speaking career ASAP.

Change the way you see yourself, others, and the world with monthly journaling prompts and a guided meditation track.

Boost your confidence and break your inner glass ceiling.

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Storytelling guide

Storytelling Guide with your Chief-Storyteller-Coach Zoonie Nguyen

By Zoonie Nguyen

In this guide, I will help you to embrace and identify different types of personal stories that you can use in your business to connect and engage with your audience and customers.


Now for a limited time until Dec 15th, Zoonie will be offering free 30-min coaching sessions!

How She Dares is a documentary movie that aims to inspire and uplift audiences by showcasing the remarkable stories of courageous women who have dared to challenge societal norms and overcome obstacles.

Steal My Scale Roadmap

By Shelagh Cummins

Watch this 10-minute video on how I integrate The Scale RoadmapTM into fast-growing, women-owned companies to create time flexibility and profitable revenue while maximizing impact, fun, and fulfillment – and how you can do it too.

It all starts with creating Time Freedom


5 Tips for Creating a Compelling Keynote Speech!

By Tami Adams

5 super valuable tips for creating your Keynote Speech that is engaging, entertaining and educational to win over any audience!

FREE GUIDE: Speak Like You – 3 Powerful Mindset Shifts for Magnetic Speaking and Audience Connection

By Julie Greenham

Ever wondered how some speakers effortlessly captivate audiences, propelling their businesses to new heights and magnetically attracting clients? This guide, “Speak Like You: 3 Powerful Mindset Shifts for Magnetic Speaking and Audience Connection” is your backstage pass to mastering impactful communication – on a live or virtual stage! This free guide is your secret weapon whether you’re just starting your speaking journey or aiming for bigger stages.


Speaker Page playbook

By Fifa Tran